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Introduction to tax-conscious investing

June 2022

Tax-conscious investing is a broad concept that includes many different strategies. At its core, it is an investing methodology that acknowledges that you live in a world with taxes (shocking). Acknowledging the existence of taxes may seem obvious, but oddly enough many investment managers seem to disregard this simple fact.

If you’ve experienced any of the following, you may have worked with an investment manager that disregards the impacts of taxes on your wealth.

  • You have no idea how large your investment taxes will be each year until tax season rolls around

  • You are never provided the after-tax reporting for your investment performance (or you don't even know what it looks like)

  • Your investment manager has never asked to look at your tax return

Each of the experiences above is a missed opportunity to elevate your standard of investment management. Many investment managers dismiss focusing on your taxes with the old line that you shouldn't “let the tax tail wag the investment dog.” Their perception is that your investment portfolio will suffer if they introduce those pesky tax considerations into their buy and sell decisions. However, that is a false premise.

Many effective tax-conscious strategies can achieve tax savings while maintaining your same pre-tax investment exposure. If you can invest in the same areas of the market while paying less in taxes, why wouldn’t you? That is what defines tax-conscious investing.

To learn more about specific tax-conscious investing strategies that may be able to enhance your portfolio, check out the following blog posts or schedule a meeting:


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